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Frequently Asked Questions

Re: Membership

Q: What happens to my membership status if I go on sabbatical or extended leave?
A: If you're officially absent from the campus for at least one quarter-a minimum of four months- you may put your membership on leave status, once every 24 months. You'd be exempt from payment of all fees and dues for the period involved, but only upon advance written notification. "Sabbaticals-in-residence" or absences during the summer months do not qualify for this exception to monthly payment of fees and dues.

Q: What happens to my membership in the Faculty Center when I retire?
A: Dues are reduced to $15.00 per month for Emeriti members. This reduction in your fees would take effect as soon as you notify the Faculty Center office of your retirement in writing.

Q: Can I use my Faculty Center card in other UC Faculty Clubs?
A: Yes, because of reciprocal arrangements, you may use your card at all other UC faculty clubs. We have reciprocal arrangements with more than 100 other faculty clubs all over the world. If you're planning a trip, ask the office for a list of participating clubs in cities you'll visit. All clubs require payment at the time of your visit.

Q: Can a member sponsor a non-member wishing to hold an event at the Center?
A: Yes, but the Center requires that the sponsoring member provide a letter in advance to the Center assuming full responsibility for all charges associated with the event. These would include food, beverages, or any damage to the facilities. Reservations in all cases would be made by the sponsoring member.

Q: May I bring guests to the Faculty Center who are eligible for membership, but who haven't joined?
A: You may bring such guests on rare or special occasions, but this is discouraged as a regular practice. Obviously, the Center can't monitor the eligibility status of all its guests, so members are on their "honor" with regard to this policy. Campus people wishing to enjoy the Center 's services who are eligible for membership should share with other members support of the club through regular payment of dues and fees. For a guest only to reimburse a regular member for such direct costs as meals doesn't begin to help sustain our club.

Q: I resigned from the Faculty Center some time ago, but now I wish to rejoin. How do I do this?
A: You may reinstate your membership within a 12-month period only upon payment of the fees and dues which would have been collected had you not resigned. However, such payments would not exceed the fees and dues payable for a four-month period. If your absence was longer than 12 months, you may rejoin without having to pay any back dues or fees.

Q: We would like information regarding computer networking and Internet connectivity.
A: Please note that the Faculty Center does not have technical staff to assist you in the use of wireless or other network connections. Please click on button below for full details.

Q: Can I reserve a table in the Main Dining Room for Lunch?
A: You can reserve a table for as few as two people in the dining room only if you select a menu (same entree for everyone) in advance, you will have a table with linen & flowers and your meal will then be served to you by a server.

Q: I am a member of the Faculty Center; can I bring my own special meal and eat it in the Faculty Center?
A: Sorry NO, no food or beverages may be brought into the Faculty Center building.

Q: Can I use a direct payment system for my monthly charges so I don't have to write a check each month?
A: At this time the best option is to use a credit card, many of our members are currently using this option. You need to give us your credit card info. You will still receive a detailed bill each month, but you don't have to write a check. Please stop by the front desk and complete a short form to get you started. Many credit cards award airline mileage for your charges and this would be a great way to save time and postage and accumulate those miles!