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Fall Brings New Things

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Fall Brings New Things


Faculty Club News


As autumn comes into full swing, our professors are joining us once again at the faculty center. We are happily welcoming  new and familiar faces to the restaurant, and have delicious new offerings for everyone to taste!


The Faculty Center has seen some exciting new changes this summer, including voting in a new President and hiring new management. These new leaders have exciting and forward thinking plans to elevate the Faculty Center experience while maintaining it’s unique charm.
Inside we have introductions from both President Patricia Greenfield and General Manager, Luciano Sautto. We are excited to look to the future with them.


Patricia Greenfield

Dear Faculty Center Members,


I write to you as the new President of the UCLA Faculty Center Board of Governors. Welcome back to school and welcome to a revitalized Faculty Center! With the start of the school year we have a wonderful new General Manager, Luciano Sautto, who has already introduced many exciting new services at the Center.


A little bit about me and my connection to UCLA and the Faculty Center. I have been at UCLA since 1974 and a member of the Faculty Center almost all that time. I am a cultural developmental psychologist with my office in Franz Hall just across the street from the Faculty Center. Hence you will find me at the Faculty Center all the time, and I often bring students there for lunchtime mentoring and to celebrate important academic milestones or other happy events. I live in Venice, and my personal passion is rowing. So, next to the Faculty Center and home, I probably spend the most time out on the Main Channel of Marina del Rey in a single or double scull.


My special research and teaching interest is in the connections between social change, culture, and human development. I am currently collaborating on cross-cultural research on the effects of social change among the Maya in Mexico; Bedouins, Northern Arabs, and Ethiopian immigrants in Israel; with additional studies in China and Japan. With the sponsorship of Israel Studies and African Studies at UCLA, I am in the midst of co-curating an exhibition of Ethiopian Israeli clay sculpture that will open in Powell Library with a reception on November 1 (5-7) and run through November 10. All are invited!


A big focus of social change in the United States is interactive technology, and my Children’s Digital Media Center has been studying the social costs of technologically mediated communication for preteens and college students. Last but not least, I am collaborating on research to understand cultural issues affecting the academic and social adjustment of first-generation college students at UCLA, especially first-generation Latino college students. I find that the Faculty Center is a great place to bring my collaborators to have informal discussion of our joint projects.


At the Faculty Center, you will especially find me hanging out in the Playa Room! Indeed, I am enjoying the Playa Room more than ever, with its brand-new breakfast menu and brand new appetizer menu. Another great new development: I love that you can now bring your guests for a waiter-served meal in the Coral Grill without worrying about whether there will be a free table – thanks to the recently expanded seating area. I hope you will all enjoy all of these new developments.


Last but not least, I want to thank all of the recent donors, who have given so generously to the Faculty Center. Many of these donations were for renovations, and you will see first fruits in the new in-house audio-visual equipment and the rattan seating area outside the Playa Room.


I look forward to seeing you at the Faculty Center. If you see me, please share your ideas about developments that you would like to see.


Best wishes,

Patricia Greenfield

President, Board of Governors, UCLA Faculty Center

Distinguished Professor of Psychology



Luciano Sautto

Born in Italy, Luciano moved to New York as a toddler and then to the West Coast. The son of a Restauranteur/Chef, he grew up in the hospitality business with the restaurant being an extension of their home. He began to hone his culinary and service skills watching his father work his magic, and found wonderful mentors along the way.
In 1994, he moved to London, England where his career continued to thrive, his first position being in one of London’s oldest established Italian restaurants, Bertorelli’s in Covent Garden. Luciano was later recruited to open a new hip bistro in Chelsea called Café Med. They opened seven locations in all, of which he ran four. He was soon hired to run the Food & Beverage Department of Harvey Nicholas in Knightsbridge—a high point in his career.
Luciano met and married his English wife Justine, and they have two wonderful children: Gianluca, 16 and Liliana,14. After much deliberation, they decided to relocate to California, moving back in 2004. Since then, Luciano has opened and run several hotels including the Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood and was the Food & Beverage Director of the Los Angeles Country Club.
His career has spanned restaurants, groups, hotels, retail, and country clubs. He is very happy that he can now add UCLA to his resume and is very excited to bring his vision and passion for Food and Beverage Services to the Faculty Center, while honoring the tradition and history of the center and its distinguished members.
I would like to welcome the Faculty back to the Faculty Center for another exciting year! Since taking over on May 16th, we have been hard at work to enhance the offers at the center, adding cooked breakfast 7am to 10am daily, a signature cocktail list, small bites tapas style menu, a new wine list with twelve wines by the glass to choose from, vegetarian bar, grab & go, and retail in the café.
The Coral Grill reopens with a new a la carte menu featuring some classic favorites and new items to choose from.
We have also been doing a lot of summertime cleaning  to get ready for redecorating in the near future.
Stay tuned for more to come, and I hope you enjoy all the changes!

Hot Breakfast Starting the morning right is a new full service breakfast available in the Faculty Center’s in house café - the Playa Lounge. Open at 7:00am, patrons can come and enjoy not only delicious, made to order espresso drinks but a hot meal before class. The various options include a healthy egg white and quinoa “power bowl,” fresh steel cut oatmeal, and classic American bacon and eggs. There are a few gourmet touches as well, such as a smoked salmon and goat cheese scramble or a tasty breakfast bagel sandwich with eggs, avocado, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts

Small Bites  and Cocktails Also added to the Playa Lounge menu is our Small Bites” and Cocktail hour. The delightful tapas and hors d’oeurves are served with signature drinks, created especially for the Faculty Center. A personal favorite is The Bruin – a lightly sweet and floral cocktail featuring St. Germain and Stoli’s patented gluten free vodka. Paired with the tuna tartar, it’s a perfect treat in the afternoon. Served from 3:00pm—7:00pm
Sandwiches A delicious new selection  of sandwiches specially developed for the Faculty Center is now available at our lunch service. You’ll find great classics, like a croque monsieur and a reuben, and some modern twists on old favorites— like a turkey berry sandwich that emulates the day after Thanksgiving.  We will also be featuring a new Sandwich of the Day, with exciting options like pulled sweet and spicy duck breast, or Vietnamese bahn mi, or a home made meatball sub. 
Grab n Go In between classes and need a quick bite? We’ve got you covered! Fresh house-made sushi, sandwiches, salads and sides all prepacked and ready for pickup from our fridge! Alongside  the cooked meals are new packaged snacks, including home made cookies and muffins, as well as chips and granola bars. These new easy items give you more time to do what you need during a busy new school year!
A celebration of traditional Bavarian fare, and a historical autumn event, the Oktoberfest at the faculty center is an exciting  event for all our members!
The first Oktoberfest celebrated the marriage of Kronprinz (Crown Prince) Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The first festival included horse racing, dancing and  traditional regional food. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the royal event. The fields were named  Theresienwiese 
("Theresa's Meadow") in honour of the Crown Princess, and have kept that name ever since, although the locals have since abbreviated the name simply to the "Wiesn".
The celebration centered around a series of horse races, followed by beer and food tasting. A performance was held in homage of the bridegroom and of the royal family in the form of a train of 16 pairs of children dressed in Wittelsbach costumes, and costumes from the then nine Bavarian townships and other regions.
Since its inception, the royal party in Munich has grown into a multi day music festival, beer tasting, carnival, and smorgasbord of delightful foods.
Here at UCLA, we’ll be sampling some of the traditional  treats, like  schnitzel, spätzle, pasties, and pretzels. There will be several meat dishes as well as vegetarian options. We’ve also included a special beer list, with imported brews for your sampling. And, for your entertainment, Bavarian music will be played!
Mark your calendar Friday October 7th for our Bavarian menu exclusive to the Faculty Center dining room!

Please join us when our seventh season begins in October with two short plays by Peter Shaffer.  Black Comedy is a farce that takes place in the flat of young artist Brindsley Miller on the night when a famous German millionaire is visiting to view his work, a night when he is also to meet the father of his debutante fiancée Carol Melkett. White Liars concerns a fateful encounter in a fading seaside resort between an eccentric fortune teller and two customers, a rock musician and his agent, who consult her.
We read aloud, script in hand.  After the reading, the cast and director will discuss the play and answer questions from the audience. 
The Playreaders include members of the Faculty Women’s Club, the Emeriti Association, the Retirees Association and the Faculty Center.  You are invited to dine at the Playreaders' Table at 5:30 P.M for a no-host dinner at the Faculty Center before the performance.  For reservations for the Playreaders' Table RSVP to Rochelle Caballero.  If you’re coming but not for dinner, please let her know so we can make appropriate seating arrangements in the library (  Guests are always welcome.
Next up, on Thursday November 10, Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov.
Rochelle Caballero (, 310-454-7431)
Playreading Chair, 2016-2017

What You’ll Need...

From the Prairie Homestead:
· 1 head green cabbage*
· 1.5 tablespoons sea salt
· Clean glass jar (I usually use one average head of cabbage per quart-sized mason jar)
*I'm writing this recipe for one head of cabbage, BUT, keep in mind it takes nearly the same amount of effort to make a lot of kraut as it does a little... So don't be afraid to make a BIG batch.
1. Wash the cabbage and remove any wilted outer leaves.
2. Quarter the cabbage, remove the core, and slice the cabbage into thin strips (I shoot for around ¼" wide). Try to make the strips as uniform as possible, but don't feel like they have to be perfect.
3. Place the strips in a large bowl, and sprinkle the sea salt over the top.
4. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes or so, and then start mashing. There isn't a right or wrong way to do this-- just use your hands, a mallet, or whatever blunt object you can find to mash/knead/twist/press/crush the cabbage. The goal is to start the juices flowing. (It helps if you can think of something that makes you mad while you do this--it's better than therapy, really...)
5. I mash/knead for about 8-10 minutes. Hopefully by the end of this process, you'll have a lovely pool of salty cabbage juice sitting in the bottom of your bowl.
6. Place a couple handfuls of cabbage into the jar, then thoroughly pack down with a wooden spoon. The goal is to eliminate as many air bubbles as possible.
7. Repeat the packing and mashing until the jar is full-- just make sure to leave about 2" at the top.
8. If you there is enough liquid flowing from your cabbage to cover it completely, congrats!
9. If not, make a 2% brine solution to fill up the rest of the jar. (If you don't completely submerse the cabbage in liquid, it's susceptible to mold and other gunk).
10. To Make a 2% Brine:
11. Dissolve 1 tablespoon fine sea salt in 4 cups non-chlorinated water. If you don't use all of the brine for this recipe, it will keep indefinitely in the fridge.
12. Cover the exposed cabbage with brine, leaving 1" of headspace at the top. If you are having troubles with the cabbage floating to the top, you can weigh it down with a glass weight, OR even wedge a piece of the cabbage core on top to hold it down. Any cabbage that is exposed will need to be thrown away, but you were going to toss the core anyway, so it's no big loss.
13. Affix a lid to the jar (fingertight only), and set aside in a room-temperature location, out of direct sunlight, for at least one week.
14. You'll probably want to place a small dish or tray under the jar, as they have the tendency to leak a bit and spill over. Also, removing the lid after a day or so to "burp" the jar and release any pent-up gasses is also a smart idea.
Taste and smell your kraut after one week. If it's tangy enough, move to the refrigerator for storage. If you like a bit more tang, simply allow to  ferment for a bit longer.

Did You Know?
The UCLA Faculty Center receives no funding from the university administration for the many services it offers the campus, depending SOLELY upon the business we generate and the generosity of our FC members. The latter is needed to make possible countless repairs and renovations both minor and major in our kitchens, rooms, patios, and gardens. By donating generously, you help us to maintain and even improve the quality of the service and the ambiance of the Faculty Center. This Center belongs to you, our members, and it relies upon both your patronage and your magnanimous support. Thank you very much for all you have given, and for all that we hope you will continue to give to the Faculty Center.  A tax deductible contribution can be made through the UCLA Foundation by check or through our website. Checks should be made payable to UCLA Foundation, please write Faculty Center in the memo part of the check .
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