Faculty Center Board of Governors 2018-2019

The UCLA Faculty Center benefits from the dedicated service of a volunteer Board of Governors, elected from faculty and staff members. The Board works diligently to provide the services that members desire.

Luciano Sautto, General Manager, directs the day to day operations of the UCLA Faculty Center.                               

Past Boards

 President  Julie Kwan 
 Librarian Emerita UCLA Library
 Past President
 (Interim 09/2018 - 01/2019)
 M. Belinda Tucker 
 Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
 Past President  Kathleen McHugh 
 Chair, Professor
 Dept. of Film, Television & Migital Media
 Treasurer  Jane Szutu Permaul
Assistant Vice Chancellor Emerita
 Student Affairs
 Secretary  Michael Rich
Research Astronomer
 Physics & Astronomy
   Elizabeth Brooks 
 Director Emerita
 Humanities & Social Sciences, UCLA Extension
   Kym Faull 
 Professor in Residence
 Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences
   Carlos Haro  
Post-Doctoral Scholar in Residence
 Chicano Studies Research Center
   Claudia Mitchell-Kernan 
 Professor Emerita
   Caroline Streeter  
Associate Professor
   Benjamin Zuckerman  
 Physics & Astronomy
 Emeriti  Bruce Miller
 Professor Emeriti
 UCLA Anderson School of Business 
 Faculty Women's Club  Jo Knopoff
 UCLA Faculty Center Representative
 Faculty Women's Club