Thank You for Your Generosity

The UCLA Faculty Center receives no funding from the university administration to support its mission to nurture the intellectual and social life of UCLA faculty on campus, depending SOLELY upon the business we generate, and the generosity of our Faculty Center members.
The UCLA Faculty Center offers two tax-deductible ways to support its mission:

1. THE FACULTY CENTER GENERAL SUPPORT FUND (#63575-O) This fund provides important operational support to the Faculty Center; it is used to discharge financial obligations to the University
for essential services provided to the Faculty Center.
2. THE FACULTY CENTER MODERNIZATION FUND (#62462-O) This fund makes possible countless repairs and renovations both minor and major in our kitchens, rooms, patios, and gardens.

Please make your check out to the UCLA Foundation and drop it by the Faculty Center or mail it in (480 Charles E. Young Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095), specifying Modernization Fund or Faculty Center Operational Fund on the notation line. Alternatively go online at
to pay by credit card or PayPal online or click the link below.
To contribute to the UCLA Faculty Center, please click