Membership Benefits

Why join the Faculty Center?

The UCLA Faculty Center provides members with a home away from home on campus — a quiet, attractive haven in the heart of UCLA’s huge, bustling campus. It is a place where members eat, meet, and celebrate. Offering a variety of rooms and settings, the Faculty Center is suited for members' needs, whether for reflecting, entertaining, meeting, networking, or conferencing. Members can use our facilities from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm.*  All our dining options accommodate a range of dietary needs and culinary preferences.

Members can benefit from our expertise to organize meetings, conferences and events at competitive rates, being exempt from the non-member surcharge of 18%. We have a wide range of rooms and setups available for hosting large and small scale events. Our meeting and events services include served dinners, buffet dining, hors d’œuvres, sweet treats, and break time offerings. All our rooms have attached patios that guests can enjoy as well. Each room is set up for projection and sound, and our helpful staff is ready to attend to your meeting needs.

Membership allows members to receive privileges at more than 100 other faculty clubs worldwide. The roster includes all campuses in the UC system, as well as USC, Stanford, and CalTech. Some clubs even offer hotel accommodations. Please check the current list of faculty clubs offering reciprocity on the ACUC (Association of College and University Clubs) website.

Membership Benefits

* Summer hours are 7 am to 3 pm.

Membership Rates

Monthly and Annual Rates

Effective with March 1, 2020 billing:

Regular membership: $28/month or $308 for one year (save one month when paid in full July 1st of each year)
Alumni membership: $28/month or $280 for one year (save two months when paid in full July 1st of each year)
Emeriti membership: $17/month or $204 for one year

* Please note that membership rates are subject to change. 

Membership Types


Academic membership is open to all UCLA faculty and other academic appointees including full, associate, adjunct, acting, in residence, clinical faculty, lecturers, librarians, postdoctoral scholars and those holding similar appointments by the University.

Non-Academic membership is open to all UCLA staff.

Honorary Life Membership may be granted by the Board of Governors in recognition of outstanding service to the University of California or the Faculty Center Association, or to persons who make substantial contributions to the Association. This may include spouses and domestic partners of current and former core members, as determined by the Board of Governors.

Senior membership is open to all UCLA faculty and staff who are retired and who at any time during their affiliation were eligible for academic or non-academic core membership.Members must notify the Faculty Center of their expected retirement date in writing. Following receipt of written notice from the member, dues reduction will be effective at the beginning of the month after the retirement date.


Affiliate membership is open to past or current members of the Board of Regents of the University of California;
spouses or domestic partners of active and senior members; surviving spouses of former active and senior members; previous spouses of present or former core and senior members who have been members for at least six years; alumni, parents of UCLA students; local community residents; owners and operators of local business establishments.

Special affiliate membership may be open to former active members of the Faculty Center whose connection with UCLA was terminated by circumstances other than retirement, or to Chancellor's Associates and other University support groups.

Temporary affiliate membership is open to visiting faculty members and distinguished scholars; officers, faculty, and professional administrative staff from other colleges and universities.


UCLA units such as departments and University alumni/ae clubs are eligible for organizational membership, which costs $375 per year. This amount is recharged to the unit annually.  Please note: Department accounts must be sponsored by an individual member.

To set up a department membership:

1. Download the application form, complete it and email it to:
Christine Ng
General Accounting

2. Fax or email a copy to:
UCLA Faculty Center
fax: (310) 825-4693 |

How do I become a member of the Faculty Center?

Contact us!

You can become a member today!         
To become a member, please fill in the Membership Form PDF and drop it off in person at 480 Charles E. Young Drive East. For confidentiality reasons, please do not mail, email or fax the form with your credit card details on it.

Membership Form

Email us at or call us at 310.825.0877 for more information.

FC Association Bylaws

View PDF

Faculty Center Association Bylaws, revised October 2020


List of Clubs

Membership in the UCLA Faculty Center allows members to receive reciprocal privileges at more than one hundred other faculty clubs throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

The roster includes all campuses of UC as well as USC, Stanford and CalTech. Some clubs even provide overnight lodging.

To enjoy reciprocal privileges at these clubs, all you need do is show your UCLA Faculty Center membership card and possibly a letter of introduction. Please contact the UCLA Faculty Center before your visit.

For information and a current list of clubs participating in this reciprocal arrangement, please visit the ACUC website.


Membership Privileges & Responsibilities

Bringing Guests To The Club
Q: May I bring guests to the Faculty Center?
A: You may bring such guests on rare or special occasions, but this is discouraged as a regular practice. Obviously, the Center can't monitor the eligibility status of all its guests, so members are on their "honor" with regard to this policy. Individuals wishing to enjoy the Center's services should support of the club through regular payment of dues and fees. For a guest only to reimburse a regular member for such direct costs as meals doesn't begin to help sustain our club.

Billing Cycle & Form of Payment
Q. Do I have to pay my monthly bill in full? 
A. Yes, always. We require members to have a valid credit card on file at all times.

Putting Membership On Hold
Q: What happens to my membership status if I go on sabbatical or extended leave?
A: If you're officially absent from the campus for at least one quarter - a minimum of four months - you may put your membership on leave status once every 24 months. Advanced written notification is required to be exempt from payment of all fees and dues for the period involved. "Sabbaticals-in-residence" or absences during the summer months do not qualify for this exception to monthly payment of fees and dues.

Membership Status & Retirement
Q: What happens to my membership in the Faculty Center when I retire?
A: Dues are reduced to $17 per month for emeriti and retired members. You must notify the club in writing in order to be billed at the lower rate.

Visiting Other University Clubs
Q: Can I use my Faculty Center card in other university Faculty Clubs?
A: Yes, because of reciprocal arrangements, you may use your card at other faculty clubs. We have reciprocal arrangements with more than 100 other faculty clubs all over the world. If you're planning a trip, ask the office for a list of participating clubs in cities you'll visit. All clubs require payment at the time of your visit.
Please visit the ACUC website for a complete list of faculty clubs under the reciprocity agreement.

Re-joining The Faculty Center
Q: I resigned from the Faculty Center some time ago, but now I wish to rejoin. How do I do this?
A: You may reinstate your membership as long as any outstanding balances on your account are paid in full. Please visit us and fill out a membership application form. At the top of the form, please tick the "re-join" box.

Wi-Fi Connection
Q: Does the Faculty Center offer free Wi-Fi?
A: Please log on to UCLA_WEB. No password is required, and the service is free.

Making Reservations
Q: Does the Faculty Center take reservations?
A: You may make reservations for à la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner. For lunch in the Main Dining Room, seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Should you wish to reserve a table in the Main Dining Room for lunchtime, we require you to purchase lunch vouchers at $24.50 each (plus $1 labor surcharge, plus tax per person). Please make your request at least 24 hours in advance. 

To place a reservation or order vouchers, please email or call 310.825.0877.

Event Booking as a Member

Members Sponsoring Non-Members' Events
Q: Can a member sponsor a non-member wishing to hold an event at the Center?
A: Yes, but the Center requires that the sponsoring member provide a letter in advance to the Center assuming full responsibility for all charges associated with the event. These would include food, beverages, or any damage to the facilities. Reservations in all cases would be made by the sponsoring member.

Guest Surcharges And Taxes For Events
Q: I am booking an event at the Faculty Center. Will I have to pay gratuity and/or taxes?
A: As a private membership club, we are obligated by law to charge Federal and State Tax. We do not charge gratuity, but we do charge an 18% guest surcharge fee on all non-department/social bookings. This fee is subject to change.

External Food & Beverages
​Q. I have an event at the Faculty Center, and a guest wants to bring his/her own meal. Is this allowed?
A. Unfortunately, no. No members nor guests are allowed to bring in their own meal to any event or meal into the Faculty Center building.

Still have questions? Contact us!

Please email us at or call 310.825.0877.